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    Are you in search for a natural treatment for aches and pains, as well as other health problems?

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Brookside Chiropractic Clinic | Kingsport, TN | 423-246-1311

Ask the Experts?

Chiropractors are experts in non-invasive spinal health care. If you are trying to avoid the surgeries and medications that may only mask the pain, chiropractic has helped millions of people and may be exactly what you need.

Back pain?

A spinal or joint problem often occurs long before you feel the pain. Injury or stresses causes a malfunction and change how the joint works. This could have been from work, sports, car accidents, falls, or even just repetitive daily activity. Many adults who visit the chiropractor suffered from childhood injury. 

Family Chiropractic Care


True healing comes from within. It is when the bodies natural defenses take over and repair the problem. Chiropractors remove joint malfunctions that block the body's ability to heal. We provide care for all ages to allow healing and hopefully to avoid future suffering.

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