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Brookside Chiropractic Clinic | Kingsport, TN | 423-246-1311

Learn about the basics of Chiropractic

Chiropractic was founded by Dr. D.D. Palmer in 1895. It was further developed by his son Dr. B.J. Palmer and other early chiropractic pioneers. Now there are chiropractic schools all over the globe and chiropractic has grown to the second largest type of health care in the world. Chiropractors must pass a four part national board exam and individual state exams to practice.

Subluxation-  A condition of a bone when it has lost its proper position in relation to the ones that connect to it. This causes a complex variety of health related problems.

Verterbal Subluxation- When a vertebra is not properly lined up with the vertebra above and below it. This causes a change in how it can move, brings on painful inflammation, causes muscles to react (such as spasm), impinges nerves, and causes degeneration.

Spinal Adjustment- When the Doctor of Chiropractic gives a specific thrust to put a vertebra in motion with the intent to improve the vertebra's position in relation to the bones that it articulates with. This allows proper joint movement and reduces nerve impingement.

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